Preliminary Program

Thursday, 28 September, 2017




Opening ceremony

György Velkey, Hungarian Paediatric Society president
Nick Spencer, ISSOP president 


Plenary 1: Displaced children: health needs and challenges for an equitable paediatric health care
Moderator: Nick Spencer ISSOP; Zsófia Mészner Hungarian Paediatric Society

Prof. István Szilárd (Hungary, University of Pécs): Migrant health – new challenges in Europe
Prof. Anders Hjern (Sweden, ISSOP): Health care for migrant children in Europe
Prof. Thomas Junghanss (Germany, University Heidelberg, Section of Clinical Tropical Medicine): Health care of migrant children in the Patrick Henry migrant camp  
Karen Zwi, Shanti Raman (Australia): Health needs of refugee and asylum seeking children in Australia
Angel Carrasco (ECPCP;EAP; Spain): Challenges ahead for paediatric primary paediatric care services 




Plenary 2
Moderator: Prof. Jeffrey Goldhagen (ISSOP; US)

Prof. Shanti Raman (ISSOP; Australia): Role of paediatricians in tackling racism and xenophobia
Prof. Jeffrey Goldhagen (ISSOP; US)Cultural and linguistic competence in health care


Parallel sessions


Workshop 2A: Cultural and linguistic competence; health communication and promotion
Katarina Carlzén MILSA (Sweden) Ayesha Kadir (ISSOP, Denmark)


Session 2B: Care for refugees, governmental and nongovernmental involvement, the role of NGO-s 
Moderator: Stella Tsitoura (Greece, ISSOP), Csaba Bereczki (Hungary)

Countries’ experience session:

Germany – Erika Sievers
Hungary – Zsuzsanna Kovács, Péter Altorjai, Csaba Bereczki, Judit Mogyorós
Spain – Clara Bajo
Sweden – Prof. Anders Hjern
Turkey - Filiz Simsek Orhon
Australia – Karen Zwi
Lebanon – Prof. Fouad M. Fouad

(Brief presentations 15 min./country)


Workshop 2C: Free papers


Coffee break and Poster section


Plenary 3: Infectious diseases challenges for migrant children (Symposium)
Moderator: Zsófia Mészner (Hungarian Paediatric Society)

Zsófia Mészner (Hungary, National Institute of Health Development): Risks of infections among migrant children
János Nemes (Hungary, „Ärzte für die dritte Welt“): Tropical medicine
László Szabó: (Hungary; Hungarian Continence Society) Easy integration using guidelines (Urinary incontinence)


Social program - get together, welcome dinner (optional)

Friday, 29 September, 2017


Plenary 4: Advocacy for displaced children – child rights approach (Round table)
Moderator: Prof. Jeffrey Goldhagen (ISSOP;US ), Barbara Rubio (ISSOP; Spain)

Prof. Jeffrey Goldhagen: Implementation of protection, promotion and participation rights of children
Prof. Adem Arkadas (Turkey): Refuge children’s rights in Turkey
Balázs Lehel (Hungary, IOM): Child participation in the child protection project of the IOM
Prof. Ute Thyen (Germany, University of Lübeck): Children’s rights in national constitutions- a way to advocate for children?
Veronique Lerch (Portugal): Rights-based approach to the health of migrant children 


Coffee break and Poster section


Plenary 5: Children on the move and stranded in Greece: Needs assessment, interventions, limitations and good practices
Moderator: Apostolos Veizis (Director of Operational Support Unit, Athens. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

Nicolaos Gkionakis, MSc, psychologist: Mental health interventions for refugee minors and families in Greece. The experience of Day Center Babel
Agis Terzidis, vice President Hellenic Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) Ministry of Health: Health care of migrant children in Greece
Andreas Dimou, PRAKSIS Accommodation Centers Coordinator: Unaccompanied minors
Gelly Aroni, Coordinator of Working Group on Refugee Education, Ministry of Education
Stella Tsitoura, Network for children’s rights: Holistic care of children in refugee camp of Schisto




Lunchtime trainee workshop
Moderator: Rosina Kyeremateng


Plenary 6: Mental, behavioural and developmental health issues of displaced children
Moderator: Luis Martin Alvarez (ISSOP; Spain)

Bea Pászthy (Hungary, Semmelweis University): Psychosocial and mental health disorders
Marcia Brophy (Lebanon; Save the children international): Invisible wounds


Parallel sessions


Workshop 6A: Identifying, assessing and intervening for refugee/migrant children exposed to violence, neglect and abuse
Moderator: Prof. Shanti Raman (ISSOP; Australia)

Ayesha Kadir: Violence against refugee/migrant children
Prof. Shanti Raman: Combined position statement on Violence against Children: lessons learnt


Workshop 6B: Free papers


Coffee break and Poster section




 Social program: Banquet dinner in Domonyvölgy (optional)

Saturday, 30 September, 2017


Plenary 7: Policies
Strategic response to improving the current care for displaced children; 
Moderators: Ayesha Kadir(ISSOP; Denmark), Jeffrey Goldhagen (ISSOP; US)

Prof. Tony Costello or one of WHO team
Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta IPA president (recorded video message)
Marcia Brophy Save the Children (Lebanon)
Ernő Simon UNHCR Regional Representation for Central Europe (Hungary)
Katalin Tausz UNICEF (Hungary)
Maria Herczog EUROCHILD (Hungary)
Katarina Carlzen MILSA project (Sweden)
Prof. Fouad M. Fouad (Refugee Health Program, (Lebanon, American Univ. Beirut)

9.00-9.15           Welcome and introduction of panellists (JG and AK)
9.15-11.00          Strategic planning. How can paediatricians, paediatric societies and international organizations collaborate to improve the health and health care of migrant children at the programme and policy levels?

  • Discussion of collaboration, with the concrete proposal of a multicentre international collaborative intervention using existing models to improve care in three specific areas:
    • Health communication
    • Education of clinicians in cultural competence and the care of migrant children
    • Improving the coordination of care for migrant children and families

11.00-11.30      Outline proposal for ISSOP-led collaborative work programme

  • Includes consideration of time and funding required, and seeking agreement on contribution of time and personnel from collaborating institutions


Coffee break and Poster section


Plenary 8: Closing

12.00-12.20 CHIFA: Social pediatrics discussion platform
Moderator: Tony Waterston (ISSOP EC; UK)

Speaker: Prof. Gonca Yilmaz (ISSOP EC; Turkey)

12.20-13.00 Closing

Prof. Nick Spencer, Ayesha Kadir: Conclusions

Prof. Nick Spencer: Farewell




Social program: Budapest sightseeing (optional)